What you need to know when adding an basement window.

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What you need to know when adding an basement window.

Things you need to know when adding an Egress Window to your Basement.


Whenever you decide to convert your basement into a living area, you better consider safety.  Do you know building codes specify that a finished basement must have a basement window?  An emergency egress window or door which needs to be large enough to allow someone to easily exit the space in an emergency.  Some of the advantage of having basement window is natural light, ventilation, and adds value to your home.  If you are considering adding a basement window you better have professionals installing your egress window since this requires cutting a large enough hole in your basement wall.  Plus typically you are up against solid concrete – so a skilled mason or basement remodeling specialist is recommended.

3 Key things to consider

  • Code Compliance
  • Types of Windows
  • Construction Cost

After you’ve consider these 3 things I highly recommend you call a trusted basement window specialist to give you a professional estimate.  If an egress window is done right it adds safety, value, and comfort to your basement for your family’s enjoyment.

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