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Steel Pier Olathe Foundation Repair

It’s patented and proven, our piering system is one of the best in the industry and the ideal choice for Olathe foundation repair.

Sure, everyone wants to make this claim, but we have the data, experience, training and guarantee to back up what we say and what we do. Firstly, our system is a “concentrically loaded” piering solution, as opposed to an “eccentrically loaded” system. This means that the piers we install are placed directly underneath the load-bearing walls of the home or business. The other eccentrically loaded piering systems that some companies says are perfect for foundation repair Olathe, are actually placed beside the load bearing wall and use an offset platform to bear the weight of the home or business. This places literally tons of weight on a small metal platform that will break down over time, bending the platform, the pier and requiring property owners to repair the property again and again.

Don’t get suckered into using a system that doesn’t make sense. If the weight is being placed directly over the load-bearing instrument, it will eventually fail. This is why our system is better, it makes far more sense than the lower quality repair options because it provides a permanent leveling solution. As Olathe home foundation repair specialists, we know how unnerving foundation problems can be, but we also know that we have the solution for permanently repairing your home.

Commercial Piering Systems has been in business for 6 years, and we’ve seen all kinds of claims and attempts at improperly repairing homes. With little regulation in the foundation repair industry, it’s important to choose certified professionals with the proper training to really get the job done. Our supplier doesn’t sell it’s products to contractors who are not certified specialists. Don’t risk one of the largest investments you’ll ever make by choosing subpar contractors for your Olathe foundation repair needs, get the job done right, permanently, with the CPS steel piering system.

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