Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

From the pastels in our clothing, to the eggs hidden in our front yard, and last but not least, the Cross. For us, Easter time was a success story!  I don’t know about you, but we had our family come over and our home was bursting with joy, some unwanted tiny ants and some really great food!

When the festivities ended and the celebration was over, we realized it was already that time of year again, that time when warm weather has shown its beautiful face and we must get our home aired out and dusted to perfection. Some would call it ‘Spring-cleaning.’ There are those who dread it and then there are those that are enthusiasts, who can’t wait to get it all done. Whether you are the first or the latter, what better time to get ahead of the game? How about using this ‘spring-cleaning time’ to look for foundation issues around the inside of your home? Great idea, right?!

If you grew up in an old farm house, like I did, cracks were just considered a normal part of a house when it is settling. But, when I moved to the city, I learned that they are actually sure signs of foundation problems and can be repaired. It isn’t normal to have a crack in your wall, but it does happen to many homes and more frequently becomes a problem as they age. They key is to fix the foundation and then repair the cracks and problems that appeared inside the home that result from the foundation issues that arise. I don’t know about you, but it’s so exciting to find out that it can be fixed! We don’t have to have walls with cracks or doors that don’t shut easily!

We get so busy in life these days. Everyone has so much to do, that we are always in a hurry to accomplish everything. How many people actually stop and look around for cracks in the walls or other issues that appear? I know I don’t. I may notice one every once in a while, but I am certainly not intentionally looking for them. (In fact, the real truth is, I don’t want to find any!)

If we look at Martha Stewart’s ‘spring cleaning list,’ (link listed below) you will find that if you follow what she suggests and wipe down your walls and ceilings or use a vacuum to dust them, you will be able to quickly see any pre-existing cracks. If you are busy cleaning your windows, you might notice that they are not closing easily or they have small cracks around the framing. This is why using spring cleaning can be helpful to find out the condition of your home’s foundation.


Kansas City home foundation repairs are necessary to keep our homes, neighborhoods, and property value ranks high. Listed as one of the top places to raise a family, we need to think about how our home affects everyone else’s and also can affect our ranking as a city. Kansas City home foundation repairs make all the difference between safe structures to raise our families in or safety hazards that we are unaware of even there. Before the summer hits, and you are busy doing your ‘spring cleaning,’ make sure to take this opportunity to check up on your foundation issues and keep everything safe and out of harm’s way for your family. We care that your foundation is set and that your home is on safe ground!

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