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Repairing Bowed Walls

Walking into the basement and finding that the walls are bowing is, frankly, frightening. When it looks like any second could herald the end of the wall, and thus the foundation for your entire home, it’s time to take action.

One solution that we use for our clients is an anchoring system that pulls back and holds your home’s interior walls in the position they are supposed to be held. It is a permanent fix for a bowing foundation because it can be easily adjusted later if necessary.

First we have to relieve the initial pressure on the exterior wall by removing some of the soil that is causing the problem. This gives us the opportunity to start correcting the wall’s buckle, and helps us guide the steel connecting rods to the newly poured underground concrete pier.

Then we will drill holes into the wall at several points, depending on the house, that will serve as the anchor points. We then place steel anchor rods all the way to a concrete pillar.

The pillar is specially poured into fresh soil away from the foundation where it serves as the anchor for the steel rods. By placing the pillar away from the home, and through use of specially reinforced concrete, the underground pillar serves as the counterweight against which the steel rods can pull.

Using heavy duty equipment and bolts, we pull the wall back to its original position supporting the house. Because concrete is a brittle material, we then seal all foundation cracks using special sealants and high pressure to keep water out of the basement.

When finished, we usually try to use a material like gravel in place of soil directly next to the home. Gravel allows water to pass through to the soil without any issue, and when the soil contracts or shifts because of that water, the gravel is much more able to shift with it – meaning that the pressure isn’t placed on the side of your foundation again.

From years of fixing bowed walls in Overland Park, CPS knows that it can be a frightening experience to find this happening in your home. Fortunately, we offer the help you need to have a stable home!

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