Raining…Again? Will it effect my home foundation?

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Raining…Again? Will it effect my home foundation?

As we head into the final weeks of Sprummer, that magical faux season between spring and summer where weather can be as unpredictable as….well, weather, precipitation seems to be the effect of consistent and constant changes in pressure and temperature.

Other than ruining outdoor plans and activities that we all enjoy this time of year, what are the potentially harmful effects of the heavy rains on surrounding commercial and residential infrastructure?

The answer is simple; more rain increases the ground water levels and can cause them to rise rapidly and suddenly. This creates added pressure to home foundations and can also loosen/soften shifting the surface area where the home foundation is settled

For most homes this can be a non-issue with regular self-inspection, but for homes with minor foundation imperfections and more importantly a basement, the rain can be the catalyst for significant home foundation damage and flooding.

So Mr. Blogger you are telling me that every time it rains I should be worried about the stability of my home foundation or basement flooding??

The answer is obviously no. The fact that it rains is not a cause for concern, but the periods of consistent heavy rain or flash flooding should prompt every responsible homeowner to do thorough self inspection.

Here are some tips for a quick self inspection to identify any potential areas that may need further inspection.

-Basements are most susceptible to water damage from flooding. They have direct exposure to ground water which can rise and build pressure that pushes water into natural occurring cracks in the basement. Over time this can cause significant damage and destruction.

Basement waterproofing is an easy and cost effective solution to avoid future damage and should be a standard practice when building or purchasing a home with a basement.

– Walking your house or building checking for home foundation cracks is an easy way to maintain a good self inspection. If there are minor cracks make sure to take note specifically of the area. If you experience a heavy downpour or consentient days/weeks of rain, be sure to analyze your notes on the cracks to monitor any increase in size.

Weather is variable we will never be able to control or change  Good self inspection can save you time, money and more importantly give you peace of mind.






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