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Preparing your Home Foundation for Winter in Kansas City

Raise your hand if you are excited about weatherproofing your basement for winter. No one? Yep, exactly my feeling too. No one is excited about weatherproofing anything, let alone your basement! Let’s face it, its work. Extra work on top of the stuff we already have to do day in and day out. If we want our properties to stay in good repair, it has to be done. Let’s look at some steps we can take to make sure it gets done correctly and we are still intact when the snow falls near our home foundation for winter in Kansas City.

In the cold winter months, the concrete that makes up your foundation is susceptible to freezing and cracking. The soil around the foundation is also more likely to expand and put pressure on the foundation due to water in the soil freezing. This can cause the foundation to shift and crack. This is just one of the things that you need to watch for. CPS Foundation Repair would like to provide you with a checklist to get you ready for these winter months and also make themselves available if you need more information or help in doing these procedures. For your safety and the safety of your property, take the necessary steps to get ready your home foundation for winter in Kansas City. Be winter ready!

  1. Check your basement windows. Make sure there is no water around your basement windows after it rains. It could mean a leak, which needs to be sealed or have window well drains installed to prepare for snow and winter precipitation.
  2. Make sure your sump pump works. Make sure the sump pump turns on when the sump pit gets full of water. You have to make sure it can handle large amounts of water to protect against flooding. There are battery operated sump pumps that you can purchase as a backup, to handle the snow as it’s melting.
  3. Seal any foundation cracks. Cracks that are left unrepaired in your basement walls and floor can let water in, especially if snow has gathered around your foundation and then it starts to melt and leak into your house. Melting snow or rain are very good at finding any little cracks left unattended. Do yourself a favor and mend the cracks, so that your home is protecting against the flooding.
  4. Shovel the snow around your home. When it snows, make sure you have some good snow blowers or shovels on hand to keep the snow moved away from your foundation. This can help protect it from moisture seeping in and causing leaking. It can also help keep it from getting too cold and cracking.
  5. Clean out your gutters. Snow comes and then melts away. We all know that happens usually at least 3-4x every winter. Make sure your gutters are cleaned out so that the melting snow has somewhere to go instead of straight down around your foundation. The goal is to protect the foundation, which also leads into your basement.
  6. Preparation of your pipes. Insulating your pipes and airing them out at night can help to reduce water freezing and pipes bursting.
  7. Check your basement humidity level. If the humidity level in your basement or home is high, you may want to consider investing in a crawlspace encapsulation or other basement waterproofing methods that will keep your home drier during the winter season.

Our goal, at CPS Foundation Repair, is to make sure you stay dry, warm and safe this holiday season. No one wants to get outside in the cold weather or fork out a bunch of money right around the holidays. Let us help prepare your home foundation for winter in Kansas City this season. We make foundations stronger and last longer.

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