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Overland Park Home Improvement Tips

At CPS, we’re usually discussion foundation repair and it’s requirements, intricacies and complexities. So let’s switch subjects over how to make your house a home, because what’s the real point of foundation repair if not to make a home?

If it’s been 20 years since you last did a serious reinvestment in your home, maybe it’s time to start thinking about how you can update your space and turn it into a place where you want to spend time living. Wether it’s your appliances or your fixtures, at some point it all needs to be updated or replaced. Since Overland Park homeowner often seek stylish and modern installation for their homes, let’s talk modern updates.

Mix and Match

Mix and Match Metals

First off, don’t be afraid to mix metals when it comes to updating your home. Stainless steel, brass and even gold can all mix better together than you might think. If you decide that a particular material doesn’t really suit your taste, you can always paint it!

Remember that the devil’s in the details. Sometime all it takes to make a space look completely new is to put in new faceplates for your electrical outlets, net handles on your cabinetry or, one of my personal favorites, using small stones to add some interest to backsplashes near your food preparation area. Updating your kitchen is one of the best ways to inspire creative ideas when your thinking of ways to prepare your meals.

Light it Up!

Never forget about lighting either! It’s one of the most influential factors on how you and your guests feel in a given space! If you’re still dealing with fluorescent lighting anywhere in your home, it’s probably time to soften it up a bit with the new CF bulbs that offer a variety of variable lighting options. If you can get your hands on incandescent bulbs, they can serious soften up the lighting in a given space (you can find CF bulbs that replicate this effect though).

Think Ahead to Maintenance

Stick with materials that you’re willing to maintain too. Putting in dark hardwood may seem like an appealing idea, but when it’s extremely dark, you can see every speck of dust and you have to be committed to keeping it constantly cleaned. Consider materials like Marmoleum, which offer the ease of caring for a synthetic material yet uses natural, environmentally-friendly materials to create something that seems like vinyl flooring but with many more options.

Beware of the Internet

Think about maintenance

Finally, while it can be tempting to purchase everything off the Internet directly, you should make sure to visit at least a couple of showrooms to see what the kinds of materials you’re ordering will look like. This way you’ll have idea of what you really like, and you’ll be able to see how it fits into a real design, giving you a better idea of what yours could could look like.

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