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Overland Park Foundation Inspection Saves Homeowners

Owning a home has been part of the American Dream for more than 100 years. But the elation of purchasing a family home is tempered by the added responsibility that come with being a homeowner. Before you buy a home, you need to make sure that you’re getting everything you expect, and that all fixtures are in good condition.

New Home Inspections

This home may look like a winner, but who knows what’s go on down below?

Even if you’re buying a new home, an Overland Park foundation inspection is an essential piece of the home-buying process. Just because it’s new doesn’t mean that it’s built on a solid or sound foundation. A trained foundation inspector can help you tell if you’re likely to have problems in the future.

Plus, knowing before you buy is the best way to save yourself a lot of money and heartache in the future. Homes that aren’t built on solid fundamentals, or on foundations in areas that are likely to experience significant shifts, will always cause problems. Additionally, your home’s value could be significantly affected, making it hard or impossible to resell down the road.

Think about it, would you knowingly purchase a home that had foundation damage? If you purchased a home that doesn’t have a solid foundation, you’re going to eventually lose most of your initial investment. Wise investors always do background investigations before putting up large sums of money, and that should be no different in the real estate market. Before investing, do the smart thing and check on the fundamentals that are so important to every long-term investment!

We provide the Overland Park foundation inspections that have been keeping KC area residents safe from unscrupulous home sellers and those who don’t even know they’re selling damaged property. Get in touch today and we will help you make the best choices regarding one of the biggest purchases of your life! Don’t buy a home without CPS to help!

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