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Overland Park Foundation Cracks

You’re finally ready to relax and enjoy your finished basement at the end of a long week. Maybe you’re just going to relax and watch some TV, catch up on the World Cup matches you missed or play games with you kids. But when you get to the bottom of the stairs, you feel something squishy under your feet – it’s water, it’s not coming from a burst pipe, and it’s not supposed to be there.

What you need to look for are foundation cracks. Kansas City, Overland Park, Olathe, Mission and Lee’s Summit, with our wet and dry cycles, are quite prone to suffer foundation damage that can lead to the need for repairs. Weather in Johnson, Jackson and Wyandotte counties is one of the big causes of Kansas City foundation cracks. As the soil expands and contracts, it’s constantly forcing the walls to deal with shifting forces from the sides. While a basement wall’s real purpose is to hold the house, and though that requires a lot of strength, the materials used are not meant to bear that load plus another from shifting soil in simultaneously.

Once the water starts coming in, you have to stop it or risk allowing more water into your home. It can ruin your carpet, create terrible smells and allow dangerous molds to start growing. This can be a particular problem in older homes and neighborhood. Old Overland Park foundation cracks are common. Mission basement waterproofing and Independence foundation repairs are often needed, mostly due to the age of the homes in these neighborhoods.

What our system does is raise your house out of the sea of ever shifting soil. This piering system goes all the way to the bedrock below your home and then helps support it, taking the load off the walls and leveling out your home. After you fix the root of the problem (the cracked foundation), then we help you focus on keeping water out of your basement permanently.

Don’t let foundation cracks keep your basement wet! CPS specializes in repairing and keeping our clients’ homes leak free for years to come after the repair is complete!

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