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Lenexa foundation repair needs

Clay soil is the culprit that causes the most need for Lenexa foundation repair. Clay isn’t just for your kids to put in a kiln at school, it’s what many of our area homes are resting upon and what causes many Lenexa foundation cracks.

Most people don’t think about it, but the soil is as much a building material as concrete and wood. Soils types all have different properties, and in the Kansas City area many are clay soils. Clay is actually a pretty sturdy building material, it provides good support as it is heavy and not prone to extreme shifting.

Where clay falls short is during very wet or very dry conditions. Clay can actually hold a lot of water, and during a normal season in our area, the amount is usually steady. Daytime heating allows the water to evaporate somewhat and the occasional rains put the water back into the soil. But clay soils shift when they are too wet as they expand to hold more of the water, pushing on your foundation. When too dry, the soil begins to shrink and crack, no longer providing support for your foundation. Either of these scenarios can make your home a candidate for Lenexa foundation repair.

All buildings settle to some degree, but the real trouble is with differential settling. When the building site’s soil is carefully chosen, it is usually uniformly one material or another. This more often leads to the structure sinking further into the ground, but doing so evenly, and sometimes imperceptibly. Settling of this nature can affect underground utility lines and services, but won’t cause the very severe damage of differential settling. Differential setting is when one part of the soil is composed of a material and another is composed of a different material with different properties.

If part of a home sinks, and another part does not, you end up with cracks in the foundation, slabs, drywall and even your exterior walls. To get this under control, you need a Lenexa foundation leveling specialist who uses a piercing system to permanently level your home against the bedrock. Be sure to check the soil before you build, but if it’s too late for that, get in touch with CPS today to learn how we fix Lenexa foundation damage.

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