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This article is no restrictor of persons. Whether you be a home owner, renter, or investor, we all look for the same thing in our Kansas City home foundations. As we have been learning over the past months, there are some telltale signs that your Kansas City home foundations have issues. Below is a refresher of what to look for:

• Stair-Step Cracks In Brick Or Concrete Block Foundation Walls
• Leaning, Tilting Chimneys
• Cracks Around Doors & Windows
• Jamming, Sticking Doors & Windows
• Cracks In A Concrete Slab Floor
• Cracks In Drywall

When you see even one of these above issues, it’s time to have your foundation examined for issues. A lot of times, in the Midwest, the issues have to do with the type of soil that your foundation rests upon. Some types of soil are stronger than others. There are usually a number of different soil layers underneath a house. Foundation settlement can occur when one of these soil layers can’t support the weight of the home. Missouri and Kansas are known for these type of foundation issues.

Kansas City spreads over two states. So let’s take a look at the soils that Kansas City home foundations must deal with and how this can affect your foundations.

Soils are naturally composed of different ingredients like sand, silt, loam and clay. These ingredients determine how soils behave under wet and dry conditions and when they need to support weight. Soil characteristics have a major effect on a house foundation. Different soil types are affected by moisture in different ways too. Each of these three soils react to water differently:

• Sandy Soils
• Clay Soils
• Sandy Loam Soils

Because of the constant cycle of wet and dry periods that occur as the weather changes in Missouri and Kansas, certain types of soil can expand and contract indefinitely, subjecting your foundation to settling or expansive stresses that often cause damage.
I think this sums it all up well. We believe in educating, so that you know your problem and can call on us to help set your home on a solid foundation.

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