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Kansas City Mudjacking: When and Why

In the foundation construction and repair industry mudjacking is one of the more common terms used.  To the average Kansas City homeowner, mudjacking is a word that escapes most vocabularies.  What, too many, sounds like a type of four wheeling excursion is actually a simple and cost effective way to save from catastrophic damage to your home.

Majority of homes across Kansas City have a cement foundation that is poured by concrete slab and set during the construction of the home. These foundation slabs can be susceptible to man-made and natural causes that cause settlement issues.

Here are a few of the common factors that can lead to concrete settlement: Natural erosion of soil, Large tree roots, slabs built upon filled land that is not compacted tightly, natural occurring seismic activity and/or poor work in the construction of the slabs or material used.  The effects of this leveling catastrophe in your home’s foundation can lead to a potentially harmful environment for occupants and costly repairs as this can cause severe damage to the entire structure of one’s home. This brings us to the magic and simplicity of mudjacking.

Mudjacking is the process of lifting sunken or improperly settled concrete by pouring/pumping grout through the concrete slabs. This effectively brings the structure level and proactively addresses and corrects the cause of the settlement.  Mudjacking provides a relatively quick and effective fix when compared to the traditional rip and replacement of concrete slabs.

Some signs to look for when considering if your house may be in need of some mudjacking.

  • Homes with basements are typically more susceptible to foundation settlement issues. Be sure to check corners and outside joints of the basement area.
  • The neighborhood or local surroundings have experienced heavy downpours or rain/precipitation.
  • Your home is over 10 years old or has been 10 years since inspected.
  • Please contact a professional for an assessment.
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