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Sell your Kansas City Home Checklist

Are you a Kansas City home owner? If so, then this checklist is for you. We wanted to give you some tips on how to prepare for selling a home and the questions you need to ask yourself to get ready. Please take a look at the checklist below. We, at CPS Foundation repair, want to ensure that you are a well-informed Kansas City home owner.

  1. Make small fixes.

See your living space through a buyers eyes. Mend what needs to be mended so that their visual will be a space that they can picture themselves living in. Whether that be repairing spots on the wall, detailing cleaning, resurfacing a cabinet or painting a room.

  1. Decide whether to work with an agent or self-sell.

You have to decide what will benefit you the most. Is time or money more important to you? An agent gets a cut when your home is sold, but they also do all the paperwork and make sure that every detail falls in line with the laws of the land. Sometimes, that can save enough heartache that their commission is worth it. If you choose to go with using an agent, referrals are the way to go. Choose someone who has a good name among your friends and family. You want someone who is honest, fair and will treat your opinion with respect but will shoot straight with you.

  1. Set a price.

A real estate agent will give you a market analysis free of charge or commitment. Ask to see listings for properties similar to yours that have sold in the past six months. They can get up-to-date, fresh numbers of where the current housing market is at. Check out comparable listings yourself in the real estate section of your newspaper or on websites. Or get an analysis from a certified appraiser ( Then decide whether you want a quick, easy sale or the highest possible price. It is up to you to decide, but make sure you have all your info first and make a well-informed decision.

  1. Clean and declutter.

Most of us need to declutter anyway, but selling a home requires it. No one wants to walk into a home full of another man’s treasures. They like to see a minimalistic approach that stages a little bit of furniture and leaves room for them to imagine what their stuff would look like in that space. Toss it, donate it, move it, or garage sale it…whatever you need to do. This is definitely a must.

  1. Decide whether to do a prelisting inspection.

This will save time and money later. You will already have this to show home buyers and be able to decide what you fix or not fix for the buyers. This also enables you to go ahead and be ready for proposals that incoming home buyers will send your way.

  1. Stay vigilant about maintenance.

From the moment you start showing your house, keep the lawn mowed, shrubs trimmed, gardens weeded, rooms spotless and clutter-free. Then keep it up until the house has a sold sign on the front lawn.

  1. Ready your home for show days.

Just think minimalistic. Put away personals and anything that is considered clutter. Leave out only necessities and things that make the house light and inviting. Think about leaving the house while your home is being shown. This way the potential home buyers feel free to make comments to the selling agent, which they can later share with you.

  1. Consider consulting a lawyer.

If you sell on your own, think about consulting a lawyer. It is a must for them to have some real estate experience. Not every lawyer knows how to handle buying and selling of property or things that are involved in that process.

  1. Start organizing for your move.

Think “sold” and began to think about how to make your move. You will need to hire movers or think about how you are going to pack up all your stuff and move ships. Everyone knows it isn’t an easy thing to do, it requires planning, so make sure you are ready when it’s time.

Are you a Kansas City home owner? Do you have questions about the foundation under the home you are buying or selling? We have answers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website at or we can be reached by phone at 913-439-7618. We hope you have a fantastic experience while selling your space!


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