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Thankful for a Stable Home

As we approach this holiday season, we are always reminded that we need to give thanks for what we have. Most people are thankful for family, friends, their job, etc. Have you ever thought about being thankful for your home’s foundation? That thick slab of concrete that lay beneath the base of your home? Most people don’t think about it, but it is actually one of the most important pieces of the structure of your home. Without it, your house could not stand or hold any support. A good home always starts from the ground and works its way upward, just like roots make up and support the trunk of the tree. How good the roots are is how healthy the tree will be.

What value do you really put in your home’s foundation? Do you care about its health and the life it has beneath the surface of your home? Today, let’s look at some reasons to be thankful and place value on our home’s foundation this Thanksgiving.

Kansas City home foundations, if compared to the body, are the feet and legs of the home. They carry the weight of the home, they anchor it to the ground and support it in its entirety. There are three different types of foundations: full basement, crawlspace, and slab-on grade. Depending on which part of the country you reside in is what foundation that can choose for under your home. Mostly, it would have to do with considering the soil conditions and what type of ground is available for foundation to rest on or in. If not done correctly, even hairline shrinkage cracks, that are small, can cause serious concern. So, you see, the foundations are carefully chosen for a home and are very important for every aspect of the homes in which we live. Without them, we wouldn’t have a safe place to reside or a structure at all to call home.

So, this season, as you are giving thanks in front of the family and the turkey with gravy, give thanks for the foundations that you have under your homes. We wish all Kansas City home foundations and their owners a blessed holiday season and may you have a healthy, stable home and foundation beneath your feet.

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