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Top 5 Simple Upgrades to Increase Home Value

In this economy, most of us are looking for ways to capitalizing on our home’s value. We all desire profit when we go to sell something! I think most of us could agree, the more money we make, the merrier. We will do whatever it takes to increase home value. A new backsplash in the kitchen? Check. New commercial tile in the bathroom? Check. These are good and helpful things, however, what are the top 5 upgrades that can increase home value? Let’s cut it down and make it more simple.

Increase home value with Space

Space. Wide open spaces. Everyone is looking for it. If you are addicted to HGTV, like me, you will notice that the very first things consumers notice, when they walk into a place, is space. “This is so small” or “this is a good-sized room” are the always the first things observed and spoken out. Storage spaces are also very highly desired. When people move in, they want to make sure they have the cabinetry and “space” to put all the things they own. If there isn’t room, then it will not increase the home value.

Increase home value with landscape

Landscape. Would you be interested in dating a person if you can’t see their face? No way! Same thing goes for houses, if you can’t see the beauty of a home because it’s blocked by overgrown bushes or tangled, untrimmed trees, then you’ve turned away potentials buyers immediately! The first thing that buyers see when they drive up is the front view of a home. Just like our hairstyles, landscaping defines our look. If everything is trimmed and in style, then we can observe the true beauty of a home’s exterior. Having everything neat and tidy increases the home value.

Increase home value with lighting

Light. It has a magnet effect. It creates emotion. Whether it is dimmers that create a romantic mood or the bright light on the front porch that welcome someone to come for a visit. Thomas Kinkade, “painter of light,” had the idea in that he created paintings of villages that had houses with windows full of lights. The purpose is evoke emotion and create beauty. His ideas are working for him, as he is one of the most widely collected and beloved artists of our day.

Increase home value with basic maintenance

Basics. Before you upgrade, if you are looking to increase home value, make sure the basics are in order. Imagine a perfect kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite countertop. Then, you walk down the hall and the toilet won’t flush and the gutter is hanging down on one side of the house. Upkeep and maintenance on your property is a priority before looking to upgrade anything on or inside the home.

Increase home value by going green.

Green. “Going green” movement has been picking up momentum since it started April 22, 1970. This movement has been going on all of my life, but continues to grow and bring attention to its meaning: a diverse scientific, social, and political movement for addressing environmental issues. People today are very in-love with anything “green.” If you can add all-natural or recycled materials to your home, when renovating or remodeling, then this is taken to heart as prospective buyers consider purchasing your home.

So, there you have it. Increase home value by keeping it spacious, light, basic, green and trimmed landscape and you’ll have it all set up for a nice profit.

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