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Home Foundation and Home Value in Kansas City

Whether buying or selling, no one wants to have a home that isn’t built on a solid foundation! It all starts when we launch our search to find the perfect looking house, with the perfect layout and a near perfect price. (We always want perfection, right?) We land on a good home, put in our offer and then comes the home inspection.

Oh no, they find a big crack in the foundation or the basement is damp in spots, which has caused molding and bad smells. It is no longer the perfect house and we have to begin our search again or invest extra money to get the foundation repaired to make the house into our dream. The foundation affects the home’s value, which affects our desire to buy or our ability to sell a home.

The home value in Kansas City is predicted to rise by 2.8 percent in 2015, according to the Kansas City Housing Market Forecast. To gain a proper home value in Kansas City, it is important to check yearly to make sure that your foundation is kept in good repair. The foundation is the rock of the home. If it isn’t set into place, then it can affect the whole value of the home and the comfort in which you live or what you are looking to buy into.

What things affect the home value?

Let’s look at the top five things that affect the home value in Kansas City. The first on is location. Everyone in the real estate market is very aware that location is everything. If people can walk to shops nearby, to a park or are located in a good school district then that home is held at high value and easy to sell. The second most important would be upkeep. The condition of the property is very important to prospective buyers. The foundation affects the whole of the home outwardly and inwardly and everyone knows that can be costly to fix if there are problems. Third would be price. What your home is valued at? When you go to buy or sell, this is huge behind the location and condition of the home. Depending on the market though, people will pay high dollar for something in a good location even with issues. Fourth, if you are near a freeway or train track, you may want to make sure you have your home in very good repair as the home value goes way down. Fifth would be the market. In a market that is sizzling, buyers overlook certain defects because they are more willing to make compromises when the home values in Kansas City are rising. If its a slow market, there is no urgency to buy immediately and so your home can be sitting on the market for a while.

Whether buying, selling or just living in your home, please consider keeping your foundation checked out and in good repair. We run free estimates, anywhere in Kansas City, anytime and make sure that your house is sitting pretty on a good, solid foundation, ready to buy, ready to sell or made comfortable for you to live in!

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