Is the Home Seller Naughty or Nice this Holiday Season?

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Is the Home Seller Naughty or Nice this Holiday Season?

Have you ever wandered into a beautiful home, that’s for sale, and just instantly fell in love with it? Everything seemed perfect, but then you began to notice that something isn’t quite right…the windows and doors don’t close properly. There is a crack making its way down the shower tiles in the bathroom. What you’ve just noticed are problems that stem from issues with the home’s foundation.

Then you proceed with asking the seller and they tell you everything with the home is fine. Later, you find out the truth and it isn’t fine! The foundation does indeed have issues and it will cost a lot to repair them.

In Kansas City, this is a typical scenario. A lot of the homes in this area have home foundation issues due to the type of soil in this area. Many sellers might think is it just “cosmetic” repairs or minor issues as they themselves have no idea that these issues can stem from MAJOR home foundation issues. These issues can cause a whole house full of problems.

Here’s some tips so that you can spot Home Foundation Problems:

  • When looking for foundation problems, always look up. The greatest indicators of home foundation issues are up above you. Keep this in mind as you are doing a walk through both inside and outside of the home.
  • Typically, as you walk in the front door, notice the how the door closes. Does it shut nicely, easily or is it difficult to shut. Check if the door is squared with the door jamb…if it is small at one end and big on the other, then, this a sign of movement in the frame. Doors may stick, drag and have a hard time latching properly.
  • Always check to make sure all the windows in the home close properly.
  • As you look up at the ceilings, the corners of the windows and all the doors…check for cracks in the drywall. Diagonal cracks, off doors and windows, are almost always indicators of a foundation settling. A great tip is to look inside closets, sometimes sellers cover up cracks with a fresh coat of paint but miss inside those areas.
  • Finally, sometimes you might just get a funny feeling in the house. Your equilibrium picking up on the sloped foundation could factor in to this funny feeling about the house. Follow your instincts and have it checked out.

If you spot or sense any of these home foundation issues, be aware. No matter how beautiful the home is, you may want to think again! Sometimes, having a home inspector or a professional take a look might be the wisest thing to do. If you absolutely cannot walk away from a deal, then seek advice and pricing on how to get the best repairs in the quickest possible time. Don’t let yourself walk into a bad real estate deal and allow it to ruin your Christmas! Sometimes, you might just come across a home seller that’s more naughty than nice.

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