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Foundation Repair Postpartum

Many people are caught off guard when the foundation repair Company picks up their stuff and leaves. The letter below, to the Overland Park Home Foundation Service, was created to give you a clear picture of what can happen and what to expect after a foundation repair has been completed. Homeowners don’t always think about these kind of issues and are left to deal with them on their own, unprepared.

Dear Overland Park Home Foundation Service,

I wanted to share a recent experience I had after having my foundation repaired.

Last week, as I was laying in my bed, I could hear the dripping outside. It was a dreary morning, water was dripping from the gutters onto the pavement in a continual pattern. The sun was not showing between the clouds, as there were too many to allow it to peep through. However, there was still enough light coming through my window to let me know that it was early morning time. As I laid there on my bed, I looked up at the ceiling and allowed my eyes to slowly work along the seams of the room. At the top of one wall, in the morning shadows, my eyes stopped. Was that a big crack going across the top, right beneath the ceiling? Yep! It sure was! I knew there were cracks in the bathroom tiles on the south wall. I knew about the back door having problems shutting, but here was yet another problem stemming from the foundation problems that I’d had recently corrected. I realized that what had happened is that I had hired a company to come in and repair my foundation, but then I didn’t consider the need for post foundation repair. This left me feeling empty. I’d been and still am very excited about the Overland Park Home Foundation Service that I was given, but realized that you could only offer me repairs to my foundations but not continue the work on into the inside of my home. There are several tedious projects created by my bad foundation that need to be finished out. No one had even prepared me for this, nor had it ever crossed my mind before now. Thank you for listening and if you can help me, or have any suggestions that would be great!


Repairs needed in KC

This story unfortunately happens more often than not. Many people find themselves in the same situation as the person in the story shared above. It is a well-known disease. We call it ‘foundation repair postpartum’ and we have a remedy. As an Overland Park Home Foundation Service, we want to make you aware of what can happen after a foundation repair project and share with you some ideas of how to go about making those necessary repairs after our foundation repair work has been completed. We want you in the ‘know’ and ready to take on these tasks.

The areas that will need to be addressed once we have finished our work is: Walls, Floors, and Landscaping. These are the three main areas that are affected by the foundation issues and then are left once the foundation has been repaired. As we go over these issues, please keep in mind that before an Overland Park home foundation service comes out to your home to make repairs, you may want to have a wall repair kit and/or contractor ready to come in and make the necessary repairs to the inside of your home for after we leave.

Walls. Cracks are very common in walls, at the top or down the middle, also in bathroom tile. As the foundation shifts and is off balance so do the walls. This can affect the structure of your home, which affects the walls and the doors. Be aware that cracks are a good indicator of foundation issues.

Floors. When the foundation shifts, so does the walls and floors. The floor can push up underneath the carpet, the tile can break apart or stick up in spots and the wood floors can do the same. Sometimes, it can be a simple repair but sometimes you will need to replace an entire floor. With this, you might tackle it yourself but most people would be more comfortable hiring a contractor.

Landscaping. In the midst of working on foundations, landscaping can get really torn up. You will have to look into refurbishing the grounds and landscaping that were affecting by foundation repairs. Digging up dirt to fix something underground comes at a price, but it’s so worth it, for the sake of your home.

If these tips have been helpful, check us out at We care about your business and have your house in mind!

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