How to Watch for Foundation Problems Buying KC Homes

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How to Watch for Foundation Problems Buying KC Homes

The Kansas City area has grown and changed a lot in the past 20 years. Downtown is now a vibrant place where people want to live and play, tech startups and artists fill the Crossroads and the sprawling suburbs are more sprawling than ever. Kansas City certainly has come a long way, but much from the past has also come to stay and represent the spirit of the city.

Now homebuyers in the KC area are facing a tough decision – should they get new homes in the outer parts of the suburbs or get previously owned homes closer into the city? There’s a third option too, they could get classic homes in the history-rich older neighborhoods at reasonable prices. Each options has it’s advantages and drawbacks, but there is one constant that every homebuyer needs to evaluate no matter their choice in home – the foundation. No structure stands without being placed on a solid foundation.

For new homes, the methods used of laying the foundation play a big role in later foundation problems. The contractor that placed the foundation should be careful about moisture especially. When a foundation is poured during a rainy season for example, the changing moisture properties can cause the concrete to fail to properly set.

New home Kansas City foundation problems

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Older homes have the problem of being, well, older. All things that get older have pains associated with their age. Maybe a foundation was solid when it was poured and has remained stable over time, but now needs repairs because of changing weather patterns. Even the current owners may not be fully aware of the problems in this scenario.

The bottom line is, if you’re buying a home in the Kansas City area, you should have the foundation inspected before you sign the contracts. CPS offers home inspections for this exact reason, and we’ve saved clients thousands of dollars and untold hours of headaches by saving them on the front end! Call us today before you buy your new home.

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