What is an egress window?

An egress window is a basement window that is large enough, as defined by Kansas City’s local business codes, for entry or exit in case of an emergency. These are typically required when finishing out a basement and are usually paired with an egress well that has an attached ladder or steps for an escape. It is required by law in specific locations for any bedroom(s) in the basement, in case of emergencies. It is set down into the ground and must meet different measurements and guidelines in order to qualify as an egress window. See below to get an idea on general specifications.

Window wells must:

• Allow the rescue window opening to be fully opened.
• Provide 9 sq. ft. of “floor area,” with a minimum dimension of 36 in. in width and in length.
• Contain a permanently affixed ladder or steps for climbing out if the window well depth exceeds 44 inches in depth.
(The ladder must be at least 12 in. wide and project no less than 3 in. from the window well. It can’t be obstructed by the open window or encroach on the required window well dimensions by more than 6 in.)

If an egress basement window is located under a deck or porch, the code requires at least 48 inches between the top of the window well and the bottom of the deck or porch joists.

Some older homes in Kansas City were built before there were any egress window requirements or were not built to match up to current day codes.

Our job is to repair or install an egress window in your home or facility either to meet the regulations of your area building codes, or bring it up to speed and ensure the safety of those living or working there.

Required or not, egress windows are crucial for saving lives. If a room has even the remote possibility of later becoming a bedroom, include an egress size window or let us add one in for you.

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