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How to Avoid Home Foundation Issues

Like most people you probably don’t think about your home foundation until you’ve experience cracks or leaks.  When cracks and leaks show up, you’ve already ignored problems that can be costly and serious.  CPS Foundation Repair we wanted to provide you 4 mistakes that can cause home foundation frustrations if unresolved.

  1. Water Woes – always avoid letting the soil around your house completely dry out and shrink during a long dry season.  When you are in Missouri/Kansas area the soil is clay and majority of times during your next big rain it soaks the soil and makes it expand dramatically and causes stress on your home foundation walls.  Our suggestion is to soak the soil around your house at least 6 inches from your home foundation and 3 inches under the soil during dry season.
  2. Root Riots – keep in mind your trees and shrub roots can complete with your soil for moisture during dry seasons.  This will cause your home foundation to settle and sink unevenly.  If that happens your drywall can crack and windows/doors will stick in frames.  Here is what we recommend:  plant deep-rooted trees and shrubs away from your home foundation.  If the branches touch your house, than it is way too close.
  3. Grading Gaffes – most the time poor soil excavation can direct water toward the base of you home foundation walls.  If you like to prevent this from happening, you can ensure your yard is graded at least 6 inches in 10 feet so soil slopes away from your home.  You may need to build up a berm, dig trench, or install a French drain to funnel rainwater and runoff away from your home.
  4. Downspout Downer – remember downspouts should direct rain and roof runoff away from your home.  If it is not extended 5 – 10 feet away from the house, you’ll dump water on your home foundation.  Easily resolve this issue by buying extenders at your local hardware store or bury a long downspout diverted underground and drain the water to the curb, storm drain, or a spot in your yard where water will will go into the soil.


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