Commercial Piering Systems

We are Commercial Piering Systems (CPS), owned and operated by Mike Dement, and an expert in Kansas City for business and home foundation repair.

Established in 2008, CPS founded itself on its own foundation of integrity, honesty, quality, timeliness and cleanliness following the completion of a project. These attributes are the foundation on which we run our business and we stand behind our work!

Our focus is to restore the foundations of locally owned homes and businesses across the Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas, while maintaining our values and spreading the knowledge and expertise of our industry.

Basement waterproofing, mud jacking, concrete repair, home foundation repair, and pier support systems are just some of the services that we offer.

As a Kansas City based Company, we thrive on starting in our area to build up strong homes with solid foundations and work out into the surrounding areas of the Kansas City metro.  There is no project that we cannot undertake and look forward to building strong relationships with our clients and strong foundations beneath theirs homes and businesses.

The home foundation is crucial to the well-being of the home.  If a home owner does not maintain a solid, secure foundation, the structure of the home will not be sound and can produce issues that lead either to great expense, structural damage or unsafe environment for the house’s inhabitants.  We want to create home foundations that are strong and create safe environments for people in and around those homes and businesses.

Residential Engineering Services

Residential Engineering Services, LLC (RES) has been in business since 2007 serving homeowners and contractors in all aspects of residential structures. RES began as a consulting firm that supported foundation contractors by assisting in foundation repair design and inspections/reviews. We now support a foundation piering manufacturer and over 50 repair contractors nationwide. RES has also developed a training/certification program and accountability system for foundation repair contractors that increases the professionalism and quality in the foundation industry. All Certified Structural Evaluators (C.S.E) have been trained, follow a code of ethics and have all of their structural foundation repairs reviewed by an RES Professional Engineer.

Over the years, RES has expanded to assisting homeowners in troubleshooting issues with their homes as well as Whole Home Inspections, Radon, Termite and any other inspections required in a real estate transaction. Our expertise is in diagnosing structural movement in concrete foundations and designing repairs, but our experience and knowledge goes well beyond any system in a residential home.

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